Most people think that humans are a dog’s best friend, but this English bulldog has just found a new BFF.

A Florida man was out kayaking with his dog Frapp when a curious manatee swam up to their vessel.

Though the man was initially anxious about the marine mammal tipping over their little boat, he was delighted by his pup’s fascination with the newcomer.

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After cautioning his dog to be gentle with the manatee, the two critters can be seen inching closer and closer towards each other until they finally touch nose-to-nose for a little oneness time, closing the gap between their very different worlds.

We may never know whether Frapp and his aquatic friend were ever reacquainted after the video was captured, but the minute-long clip has already won millions of hearts across the internet since it was uploaded.

(WATCH the adorable video below)

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