Some people enjoy singing in the shower – but not Pepé the cat.

Pepé apparently hates when her owner Brad Johnsen sings in the bathtub – and that is exactly why he posted a hilarious video of himself doing just that.

While Pepé can be seen stalking her human from the tile, Johnsen sings a little ditty about his feline friend’s hatred of his bathtub past-time.

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Johnsen can be heard belting: “Cause I’m singin’ in the bathtub and my kitty doesn’t like it, she gets really annoyed… I don’t know why you don’t like my beautiful voice so I sing and sing and sing!”

As he continues singing, Pepé starts to slowly move around the tub and Johnsen becomes “a little nervous cause she’s kinda mean”.

Finally, Pepé reaches her limit and forcefully gets her human to stop.

The video cuts off before we can find out whether Johnsen survives the encounter, but one thing is for sure – he wasn’t kidding when he said that Pepé hated singing in the bathtub.

(WATCH the video below)

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