James Anthony has been working in the same school district as a janitor for the last 30 years, but during one particular school day last week, he was given the surprise of a lifetime.

Two of the kindergarten classes at Hickerson Elementary school in Tennessee wanted to do something special for Anthony’s 60th birthday.

Since Anthony is deaf, the adoring students asked their teachers if they could learn “Happy Birthday” in sign language.

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Allyssa Hartsfield and Amy Hershman combined their classes together so they could teach the kids how to sign the tune. Then, after lining the students up for their performance, they invited Anthony into the classroom.

Once the kids started signing, the doting janitor could barely believe his eyes – and his reaction to the song is priceless.

“His reaction was ecstatic,” Hartsfield told Good Morning America. “He cried, and of course we got emotional with him. After it was over, he said, ‘This is the best birthday present you could’ve given me.’”

(WATCH the emotional video below)

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