It was a chilly day in Chile when Cristhian Lizama let an unusual passenger onto his bus last week.

The driver was on his route through the Maule region when he stopped to admit a man onto the bus. To his surprise, a dog followed the passenger on board.

At first, he thought that the canine belonged to the man, but then he realized that it was simply a stray trying to escape the cold weather.

Instead of kicking the pup off the bus, he allowed the dog to curl up on one of the seats so it could get some sleep – and judging by the contented expression on its little face, it was grateful for the respite.

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Lizama posted a video of his furry passenger to Facebook, explaining how he couldn’t bear to bother it.

“There are passengers who regularly dirty the seats and throw litter on the floor. The dog just sits there and enjoys the ride,” says the driver.

“I am not going to take the dog off at the terminal either because we are so far from where it got on,” he added. “It will get lost, so I am going to leave the dog here to sleep.”

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After he took the video, he went to get the dog some food – but when he returned, it had disappeared.

Lizama was reassured, however, when he spoke to other bus drivers in the region and found that the dog is a regular passenger on other routes. Many of his co-workers are used to giving the pup a ride for several stops at a time so it can get some rest.

Beyond that, the dog’s origins are a mystery – but he is probably now famous for being the cutest bus passenger in South America.

(WATCH the heartwarming footage below)

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