When a little boy accidentally dropped his sandal into a muddy ravine, it was returned by none other than a thoughtful duck.

The surprising incident was captured on camera by Myla Aguila as she was walking through her home in the Sitio Madaguldol region of the Philippines earlier this week.

Based on the video that Aguila later uploaded to Facebook, the boy can be seen sitting at the top of a small trench with his flip-flop sitting several feet below him. Though he probably could have retrieved the sandal himself, a random duck took it upon itself to head down the dirt slope in order to fetch the sandal.

The bird can be seen accidentally dropping the sandal into the ravine several times, but it never failed to scuttle back into the trench to retrieve it once more.

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Finally after a few failed attempts, the boy manages to take his lost shoe from the bird’s beak, place it back onto his foot, and scurry away from the ravine.

The duck, meanwhile, seems unfazed by its good deed as onlookers cheer from the sidelines.

“I was dumbfounded,” Aguila wrote in a translated Facebook comment. “The duck is kind. He really helped, even though he doesn’t know the child.”

(WATCH the video below)

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  1. Anyone who has had a duck for a pet would not be surprised by this. Think of a duck as a very friendly and loyal crow. That’s how smart they are. That duck probably wanted to play with the boy after it hopped up. Our one duck used to follow my little sister to her bus stop every morning, wait for her to get on the bus, and then amazingly, in the afternoon, the duck would waddle back to her bus stop about 5 minutes before the bus got there, and lead her back home. And our two ducks loved to play with us. Their favorite game was to have us chase them – all quacking excitedly whilst running madly around the yard. Then they would stop and proceed to chase us, quacking madly, then stop to have us chase them again. They would do this until we all were tired. Then we’d sit and they would nestle next to us as we petted them. They loved being caressed.

    if anyone has the time, conditions (we had a child’s pool for them) and safety for them from dogs etc, get a duck. Ours were White Pekins. The more you interact with them the more they love you.

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