For years, Summer Shott has dreamt of one day owning her own dog – so when her parents finally surprised her with her own therapy dog, she could barely contain her emotions.

Due to her medical issues, Summer’s doctor has encouraged the family to get her a therapy support dog in the past; because in addition to the London teen suffering from epilepsy, she also has hemiplegia as a result of being born with cerebral palsy.

The condition means that Summer is almost constantly suffering from anxiety, which prevents her from doing a lot of the activities that other young girls are free to do. Since she has also been bullied for her medical conditions in the past, the youngster struggles with self-confidence.

Her accumulative anxiety issues have had a history of triggering her epilepsy. After a recent string of seizures landed her in the hospital, doctors urged Summer’s family to consider getting her a therapy dog to reduce her anxiety.

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Summer’s mother Cherie Johnson is allergic to furry animals – but with her daughter’s 16th birthday quickly approaching, she finally decided to surprise the teen with her very own support dog.

With camera in hand to videotape the big reveal, Johnson broke the news to her daughter by giving her a birthday card with a message inside detailing her struggles in school. At the end of the card, Johnson instructed her daughter to life up a little flap of paper. Underneath the paper, it said that Summer was the proud new owner of her own therapy dog.

Shocked, the teen could barely believe what she was hearing – and then her father walked in with Buddy the Chihuahua puppy wrapped in a towel.

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Summer immediately started crying tears of happiness. Still in disbelief, the teen asked her mother several times “Is he really mine!?”

Finally, the teen sits down on the sofa with her new canine companion in her arms – and the pup even touched noses with Summer as a way of saying hello.

Since being given the puppy in April, Summer’s mental health has undergone a huge transformation.

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“I knew Summer would be ecstatic, but her reaction was absolutely magical,” Johnson told Caters News Agency.

“Since having him, she looks forward to the weekend, she’s got someone to look after rather than her always being looked after, and it’s given her so much confidence,” she added.

“Her anxiety levels have dropped dramatically and she hasn’t had any of the bigger seizures since she came out of hospital.”

(WATCH the emotional video below)

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