Disneyland may be considered the happiest place on Earth for most people, but it is now especially meaningful for these two foster kids.

12-year-old Janielle and 10-year-old Elijah thought that they were just getting a private meet and greet with Mickey Mouse when they were visiting Disney’s Magical Kingdom in April. Little did they know, however, that their foster parents had planned a special surprise.

Janielle and Elijah were handed a sign to hold for their photo op with Mickey. After they took the photo, they looked at what was written on the sign.

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Emblazoned on the front was a congratulatory letter stating that Janielle and Elijah’s foster parents of 3 years would finally be adopting them.

Courtney and Tom Gilmour had originally planned on surprising the kids with the sign at a Mickey Mouse meet and greet – but when they wrote about their plans on social media, Disney offered to host a private session for the foster family.

And the results are magical.

(WATCH the video below)

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