This Air Force veteran may be 44 years old, but he still experiences childlike joy every single day he visits his favorite place on Earth: Disneyland.

And he has been going for quite a while now – Jeff Reitz just broke a Guinness Record for visiting Disneyland 2,000 days in a row.

The veteran first fell in love with the magical theme park on January 1st, 2012. Though Reitz was unemployed at the time, he had been given park passes from a friend as a Christmas gift.

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Reitz says that the park gave him something to look forward to every day, and every visit made him feel a little better than the day before.

He doesn’t usually spend the whole day immersed in the fun – he stops by just long enough to lift his spirits.

Even though he now works full time at the Long Beach Veterans Administration Hospital, Reitz never fails to show up at the Disneyland turnstiles and enjoy the fairytale sanctuary.

(WATCH the video below)

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