Man Helping Senior-Youtube

These good samaritans didn’t hesitate leaping into action when they saw an elderly woman was in danger of being hit by a train.

An 89-year-old senior was crossing a set of train tracks in Saddle Brook, New Jersey when the railroad crossing arms came down on both sides of her.

One bystander jumped out of his car and raced towards the woman so he could help her to the other side of the tracks.

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Soon after, he is joined by another quick-thinking pedestrian and they are able to safely escort the woman to safety.

“The red light started blinking and then just started going down,” John Mango, one of the good samaritans, told WGN. “And even in the video, I can hear myself going ‘no!’ So then I just jumped out of the car and ran as quick as I can to try to get her out of the way.”

(WATCH the video below)


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