When people hear the phrase “good sportsmanship”, they probably don’t associate that with men wearing skirts.

But that’s exactly what happened at the Wimbledon 2017 Championships earlier this week.

4-time major tennis champion Kim Clijsters was playing a double invitational game at Wimbledon when she asked the crowd whether she should serve down the middle or the side.

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When Chris Quinn, an Irishman from County Wicklow, jokingly yelled “body shot” from the audience, Clijsters was having none of it.

The tennis champ then fired back, gleefully yelling: “Do you think you can handle my serve?”

The players invited the heckler onto the field, and without hesitating, Quinn hopped the divider and grabbed a racket.

He wasn’t allowed to play, however, until he followed the All England Lawn Tennis Club dress code rules stating that players must be wearing all white.

Luckily, Clijsters had some spares in her bag.

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The Belgian athlete ran to her gear and grabbed a white pair of skorts and a long-sleeved shirt.

After Quinn had wriggled into the women’s apparel, Clijsters obliged his request: a 100-mph body shot.

While he managed to hit it over the net, he missed the return. Clijsters then gave him two more shots, both of which he missed.

The players then insisted on taking a photo together before he returned to the stands – still wearing the skorts. Quinn later told the BBC that he plans on auctioning them off for charity.

(WATCH the video below)

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