My co-hosts, television producer Anthony Samadani and Maryum Ali, daughter of Muhammad Ali, join me, the Founder of Good News Network, for another episode of our Facebook LIVE show, “Within Good”.

As always, in episode 21 we talk about our favorite recent positive news stories from around the world.

“Within Good” began broadcasting its uplifting discussion of good news stories on the GNN Facebook Page in a premier episode, Aug 3, 2016.

On Within Good, we try to have some fun while reporting on the positive, leaving you totally inspired to face another day. Sometimes we have special guests, like actor Michael Mando from the Breaking Bad spin-off, Better Call Saul, and Nick Yarris, subject of the FEAR OF 13 documentary, and an autobiography 7 Days to Live.

You can find more episodes on our YouTube channel, or watch them all on Facebook, with LIVE COMMENT steaming. We hope to do many more episodes and refine our format this year. Let us know your thoughts and comments on any of our webpages.

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