The Sydney FC goalkeeper Danny Vukovic isn’t just a talented goalkeeper – he’s now the hero of an injured seagull who was struck during Wednesday night’s FFA Cup final game.

The team’s defender Sebastian Ryall kicked the ball in a short range pass that accidentally hit the low-flying bird.

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As it tumbled to the green, Vukovic signaled to the ref that the bird was hurt, and he was transporting it to safety.

After scooping it up into his goalie gloves, he hurried to the sidelines where he gently deposited it onto the ground and gave it a few get-well pats on the head before heading back to his station.

One of the announcers exclaimed that the gull – who did not suffer any lasting harm – would become the FFA Cup mascot. Though it remains to be seen, the bird already has its own Twitter account.

(WATCH the video below)

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