During a particularly hot English afternoon, this adorable owl spied a children’s swimming pool—and relished the opportunity for refreshment.

The opportunistic tawny can be seen hopping into the makeshift bird bath—looking left and right for danger. Then it precedes to dip its beak into the inches-deep water checking out the potential.

Getting its face wet was not quite enough, so the bird starts flapping its wings to make the water fly up into the air then rain down on its back.

The clip was captured by renowned wildlife artist and photographer Robert E. Fuller at around midnight earlier this month.

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Fuller uses wildlife surveillance cameras in his garden near Malton, North Yorkshire, to capture the after-dark goings-on that inspire his paintings.

“The paddling pool belongs to my children but they hadn’t really used it for a while and it had filled with rainwater,” said the English artist. “When I spotted an owl chick using it to bathe in I decided to direct one of my cameras on to the pool.

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“Last year I filmed some tawny owls bathing in my garden pond,” he added. “I was very surprised to see that their chicks had adopted the paddling pool for their own fun this year.”

Fuller said that the main reason the animals bathe is to clean their feathers—and the kiddie pool, is just enough water to do that while keeping frisky feathered visitors safe and happy.

(WATCH the cute clip below)

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