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It had been almost half of a decade since Dyan had seen his wife and two sons. Then a few months ago, he was finally reunited with his family.

Dyan’s pregnant wife had stepped off of a plane in Fort Worth, Texas as a Sudanese refugee four years ago. While they were getting settled in America, her and her two sons were taken under the wing of a Christian ministry called The Village Church.

The organization took care of the family and helped Dyan maneuver the immigration system while he stayed in a Sudanese refugee camp – that is, until he was finally able to rejoin his wife.

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As Dyan walks out of customs, it is not just the first time he is seeing his wife in several years; it’s the first time he gets to see his 3-year-old son whom she gave birth to while he was overseas.

At one point during the video, Dyan becomes so overwhelmed by the reunion, he falls to his knees in gratitude.

“Xenophobia is nowhere in the heart of God. He is all about the nations!” says the film’s creator Robert Fuqua. “For me, this video is a testament to what can happen when God’s people respond in simple, yet sacrificial obedience to God’s call on the Church … to engage and embrace people of all tongues and tribes.”

(WATCH the video below)

Dyan comes home from Robert Fuqua on Vimeo.


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