When this 1-day-old baby seal was abandoned by her mother on a beach, these rescuers stopped at nothing to rescue her.

A pedestrian first spotted Morwenna the seal crying by herself on a beach in Cornwall, England. The concerned civilian then notified volunteers from the Cornish Seal Sanctuary, and several other conservation groups.

After monitoring the youngster from afar in order to make sure that her mother was not returning with food, the volunteers prepared for rescue.

Two used ropes and rappelled down to the beach and wrapped the seal in a towel and a “seal rescue bag”.

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They then climbed back up and brought the baby to a facility where she was evaluated and declared healthy by wildlife specialists. The nursery staff named her Morwenna after a character from the BBC series Poldark.

“She is being fed every four hours and the team are just starting to introduce her to fish soup, to ensure she is gaining weight correctly,” Tamara Cooper, curator of the Cornish Seal Sanctuary, told Cornwall Live. “She will be looked after in our indoor hospital for a few weeks but as soon as she is feeding for herself she will move to the outdoor nursery pools.”

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