Dogs pretty commonly love three things: their humans, treats, and good sticks.

And judging by how hard Lupe the dog was fighting for her stick, it must have been a really good stick.

Anne Peavey of Washington state was walking through a park with her family when she saw the pup trying to get a massive tree branch through a small gate.

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Absorbed in the task at hand, Lupe kept running into the gate with the stick sticking horizontally out of her mouth – nevertheless, she persisted.

“We were coming off the river through the school playfield when we ran into her,” Peavey told Caters Clips. “Her owners were a bit ahead of her and didn’t appear to have noticed that she was struggling to get the big stick through the gateway.”

Peavey and her family kept offering words of encouragement to Lupe until finally, she managed to drag the stick through the gate – and the crowd went wild.

(WATCH the amusing video below)

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