Everybody has seen dogs do basic tricks like sit, stay, and rollover – but what about unlocking the house door?

That is exactly what Sam the dog did for his owner Kaylyn Marie.

Marie had gone outside of her house on Saturday only to find that she had accidentally locked herself out. The wooden rod that she uses to keep the sliding door from opening had fallen back into place, and she knew that since none of her housemates would be home for several hours, there was no one around to rescue her – except for Sam.

With a little bit of coaxing, she managed to get the 8-year-old Labrador to paw at the wooden rod until it freed the sliding door – and her exuberance over his clever rescue is infectious.

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When she made it back inside, Marie gleefully promised her pup “10,000 treats” for his good behavior. Not only that, she allowed him to take a refreshing dip in the swimming pool as well.

Since she uploaded footage of the hilarious rescue effort to Facebook on Saturday, the video has been viewed roughly 8 million times – so for anyone who wants to keep up with the dog’s newfound fame, Marie created an Instagram account for him that is aptly named “Sam The Good Boi”.

(WATCH the amusing video below)

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