Dog canoe rescue training screenshot YouTube Deborah McAlister Faddis

Plenty of dogs fetch balls or sticks from the ocean.

This one fetched a boatload of other dogs.

Robbie the Labrador, from Springdale, Arkansas, leapt into action when he heard the barks and whimpers of a pair of his pack mates adrift in a stiff river current.

The other dogs, belonging to Deborah McAlister Faddis, were launched in the canoe upstream to give Robbie some practice with real-life rescues.Bernese mountain dog in ocean-KTLAvideo

Bernese Mountain Dog Rescues Two Swimmers Caught in Riptide (Video)


In this round of “canoe fetching”, the lab jumped in, fought a swift current and reached the boat to pull it ashore.

If you watch closely, you’ll see one of the dogs on the boat give Robbie the line to pull them in once he reaches the boat.

(WATCH the YouTube video)

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