Considering how UPS workers are usually the ones delivering people’s Christmas gifts, imagine this guy’s delight over finding that someone had left out a gift for him.

Tiffany Judd, a mother of two from Mississippi, conducts all of her Christmas shopping online – and because she knows how hard it can be to work in the freight industry during the holiday season, she decided to give something back to the diligent FedEx and UPS workers who showed up at her house every day.

Judd then started putting snacks and water bottles under a Christmas tree on her porch so the mail staff could treat themselves to a bite to eat while they worked.

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Her security camera on the front porch captured the reaction of one UPS driver in particular – and it is incredibly sweet.

Upon seeing the goodies, the gentleman can be heard letting out a yelp of excitement, grabbing a handful of snacks, and enthusiastically saying “thank you” to the security camera.

“This time of year it’s nice to give to give back to others and it just made me feel good that he was excited about that,” Judd told Inside Edition.

(WATCH the video below)

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