fire-truck-wausau.jpgNot only do the brave firefighters in Wausau, Wis. help to save lives, they are helping to deliver pizza!

The fire department teamed up with Marco’s Pizza and Papa Johns to deliver some of their pizzas and offer free smoke detectors for the homes of families who needed them. They checked batteries throughout the homes and also gave out carbon monoxide detectors. Families whose homes were properly protected got their pizzas for free! After talking with Fire Chief Gary Buchberger we learned that the entire metro area took part in the project.

In the waning days of October, during National Fire Prevention Month, this innovative project pomoted awareness for the importance of installing (and checking batteries in) these life saving, and very simple devices.

With winter around the corner, people will soon be igniting their furnaces, fireplaces and heaters. Christmas trees and festive lights also increase the risk of fire. Public awareness and prevention projects like this fun pizza delivery saves lives.

The program is just one of many projects by the Safe Kids Wausau Area Coalition, presented year-round to help keep our youngest safe. Michelle Armstrong, coordinator of Kids Safe at Aspirus Wausau Hospital told me it’s the fifth year they are involved with the project. The funding for the smoke detectors came from State Farm Insurance.

We encourage everyone to ensure a safe holiday season by checking the batteries in their detectors — even if pizza is not on the menu. Check out these top fire safety tips for preventing home fires.

(Find a Safe Kids chapter near you)


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