After 3 months of development and thorough testing by GNN fans, we are proud to unveil the new GNN website – version 5.0!

You will still find our good news posted every day right to the homepage, but we’ve added some special features to help bring some practical GOOD into your life and business.

Our new GOOD TALKS section features a collection of positive podcasts, lectures, and pep talks from our favorite motivational speakers. Updated daily, the collection has three different categories: GOOD LIFE, GOOD HEALTH, and GOOD BUSINESS. All of the videos have been chosen to inspire you in every area of your life – from relationships and parenting, to personal growth and business strategies, to maintaining your health and exploring your career.

Our new GOOD GIFTS section features products that have been exclusively hand-picked to offer special GNN discounts for our readers, with every purchase giving back to charity. You may have seen GNN news articles on these companies recently, but check out the “WITHIN GOOD” bracelet that has been designed by GNN’s own Anthony Samadani. There will be more GOOD GIFTS coming soon.

Additionally, we hope you enjoy some cool new design features on the website; like the ‘mouse-over’ navigation bar that allows you to get a quick look at the most recent headlines, talks, and gifts; our homepage’s new ‘infinite scroll’, which gives you more good news with fewer clicks; and the gorgeous Quote of the Day – which now allows you to always refer back to “What was that quote I just saw?”

If you’re looking for any of our categories — Sport, Celebrities, or Good Laughs — just check out our CHOOSE YOUR NEWS drop-down menu on the right side of the homepage, scrolling down a little, where we have all your favorite categories in a clickable list.

Email your feedback or suggestions by using our contact form.

This is the start of a new beginning for a 20-year company. Thank you for sharing our stories and spreading the word about GNN among your friends. If you haven’t already, please consider contributing a few bucks to become a member and join our global community of supporters. We offer free downloadable bonuses on a secret MEMBER Page (different ebooks and audio programs) for anyone who pledges $2.00 or more, as a ‘thank you’.

ONWARD… and May GOOD bless you in the New Year.

(Photo by MiiiSH, CC)


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