The West Wing was often called the smartest show on television and in my mind it was. I watched ritualistically in the early years when its brilliant creator, Adam Sorkin was the writer. Then I drifted away as the scripts were placed in the hands of a different team. West Wing featured a White House run by a Liberal president in possession of the admirable traits we liked about Clinton. It was a fantasy world to which I enjoyed escaping, where my president was someone I admired, the policy decisions were decided by values I could identify with. It was the only must-see tv on my list.

Tonight I will watch the final episode of West Wing as President Bartlett clears out his desk in the oval office ending his successful, but difficult and sometimes tragic, two terms. All the early regulars, like Rob Lowe, will return for the finale and will attend "Leo’s" funeral. The handsome and solid actor John Spencer, who played chief of staff Leo McGarry, died last December after a heart attack, and likewise, his character Leo died in a recent episode.


We will miss you Martin Sheen… For many years you and the West Wing cast inspired us to believe that we might again be served by a president who exudes integrity, vision, intelligence, caring, and thoughtfulness. Goodbye and Godspeed, Mr. President!


  1. Good Episode
    We had to run to Google during the commercial to google” Toby to see what he’d done to be on a list for clemency!!

    The very first search result had the answer to “What did Toby do” + west wing + clemency…

    It had to do with revealing state secrets about a spare space shuttle… He wanted to save the lives of Chinese in space so he revealed the secret that he’d heard from his top secret clearance brother

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