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If there’s something dull
’Bout your science class,
Who you gonna call?

These super-fans of the ‘80s movie don’t just dress up like their heroes, they’re loading up their P.K.E. Meters and Proton Packs for the super scary job of teaching third grade science class.

Their first project: teaching kids about cross-linked polymers, also known as “slime.”

The fan group “New York City Ghostbusters” does public service while doing “cosplay,” better known as grown-up costume dress-up.

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Group director Eric Cudworth and his team are serious about what they do, shelling out $3,000 for a Proton Pack replica.

His New York group isn’t alone in wanting to have fun while giving back to their community—other Ghostbuster fan groups from North America and Europe don the uniforms to perform charitable service.

Some of those heroic tasks include raising money for nonprofits, visiting sick children in hospitals, and conducting food drives, like the video from the Alabama group demonstrates below.

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The NYC Ghostbusters raise donations to equip elementary school science labs through events like their Marshmallow blaster target game and “Slime Lab.” They stress that none of the contributions are used on props or costumes — Individual members are responsible for those.

“The real pay-off is inspiring those third graders in science class,” Cudworth told Man’s Life.

“It’s silly, but when you have a kid who’s afraid of monsters or the bully teasing them, if they can look at us and see this 35-year-old guy dressed as a Ghostbuster, they say ‘Then hey, so can I,’” he said.

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He tells kids not to be afraid of who they are — and of course, “Don’t be afraid of no ghosts.”

(WATCH the Alabama Ghostbusters Video) — Photos: NYC Ghostbusters, Facebook

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