The Lesson: Everyone knows that diet and exercise are essential for health and recovery – but what about the importance of sleep? In this podcast, one of the country’s most critically-acclaimed nutritionists talks about why sleep may be the missing piece on your health journey; how sleep influences body composition; and what strategies you can use to fall asleep more easily.

Notable Excerpt: “For me, I could barely walk properly. So I started on a stationary bike and then moved to a treadmill, and I started jogging a little bit, and then picked up the weights again. Then, just to quickly jump to the end of the story, I lost 28 pounds [over the course of] the next six weeks. And the pain that I had been experiencing for two and a half years was gone. But I now know that the third and most important part of this [healing], was the rest and recovery. It seemed like I was resting a lot by not doing anything, but I really wasn’t. It was a lot of suffering – and my greatest struggle was at night when I was going to bed because the pain was so bad, it would wake me up. And I was on various medications and I had basically drugged myself to not wake up – so it was more like a pseudo sleep. And it would take several hours before I really felt like I was awake. And the things that I was doing during the day, [when I was] changing my lifestyle, showed up for me on the pillow; because … if you’re not sleeping well, then you’re not healing well, and this is when your body releases the vast majority of human growth hormones, antibiotic hormones, various reparative enzymes. So when my sleep improved, I got better so fast.”

The Guest: When Shawn Stevenson was a youngster, he was diagnosed with a degenerative bone disease that crushed his dreams of becoming a professional athlete. Not only did he overcome the disease by adopting a healthier lifestyle, but he went on to become one of the most acclaimed nutritionists in the country. His podcast, “The Model Health Show”, is listed as the #1 Health podcast in America, and his book “Sleep Smarter” holds a wealth of information on the importance of sleep.

The Host: Tom Bilyeu is the American entrepreneur responsible for co-founding Quest Nutrition: a health food brand that has been called the second fastest growing company in North America. Additionally, he is the co-founder and host of Impact Theory: a podcast dedicated towards educating the masses about business and success.

PocastImpact Theory is available for free listening and download on iTunes and YouTube.

(LISTEN to the inspiring talk below)

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  1. Good tips. The eastern internal arts offer ancient, time-proven wisdom on how we can improve our health and energy in naturally effective ways. This way we are in charge of our own health and without negative side-effects.

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