While some parents might be more experienced with taking their kids to the doctor, the video of this first-time father reacting to his newborn son getting his shots is especially emotional.

On the same day that Antwon Lee took his 2-month-old son Debias to the pediatrician last week, his own father, 57-year-old Anthony King, had passed away from alcoholic-related issues.

“It was very hard,” the father from Warrenton, Georgia told ABC News. “That night I [spoke] to my son … and I let him know: ‘Son, I want to see you succeed before I die. I’ve got to see you succeed.”

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Before little Debias received the vaccinations, Lee can be heard soothing his son, saying: “I know you’re going to cry, but it’s okay to cry. Stay strong, now.”

Once Debias received the first of three shots, he did indeed start to cry – but his dad was right there with him. And while it was a vulnerable day for Lee, it’s hard not to laugh over his endearing reaction.

Since the video of Antwon has gone viral, he says he has received an “amazing” outpouring and love and support for his father’s passing.

(WATCH the video below)

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