James Corden may be famous for his carpool karaoke, but he might have to step up his game if he wants to compete with this dynamic duo.

Lola the Shiloh shepherd and Annie Aul were on their way from Montgomery, Alabama to Miami, Florida back in February when the ultimate singalong song came on: Queen’s 1977 hit “We Are The Champions”.

While Annie quietly mouths the words to the first verse by herself, Lola is snoozing in the back seat.

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Then, when the drum kit comes in for the chorus, Lola suddenly sits up in her seat and starts singing along.

Well… more like howling along, but you get the point.

Though Lola may not hit all of the right notes at times, the human and pup are definitely champions of passion when it comes to road trip singalongs.

(WATCH the video below)

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  1. Or maybe the loud music is hurting his ears? I’m sure she loves her dog, but I hope she realizes a dog has much more sensitive ears and can hear much better than we can. Turn down the volume!

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