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This woman fought her fear of cancer — and a personal battle raging inside her — by giving “unconditional love for zero dollars.”

Diagnosed with breast cancer two years ago, Dr. Shamanie Thompson tenaciously fought it, but suffered some complications and, later, a growing fear the cancer would return.

After reading an inspirational story about Brice Royer, another cancer survivor, she contacted him and he convinced her to replace the fear that was paralyzing her with unconditional love.

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Thompson and her kids made a sign that read: “I am giving Unconditional Love for $0 to heal my fear of cancer.”

Unconditional Love sign screenshot shamanie thompson

They set the sign up in a nearby park, and Thompson handed out receipts, along with hugs, to 40 strangers in 30 minutes. Each receipt had a different, positive message such as “Sunny days will come again” and “You are stronger than you think.”

She says in the video below, she could feel her heart growing “three times” its size. Thompson said the experience pushed the fear out and left her with an overwhelming sense of love and goodness.

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Thompson was so emboldened, she even went to her ex-husband and made peace, after years of hostile feelings between them.

“On any other day,” she says in the video below, “this never would have happened because we’ve had such conflict in our lives. This is the miracle — I ended the war inside me.”

(WATCH the video below and READ more at Dr. Shamanie Thompson’s website)

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