You never know what events, or years of divine timing will lead you to a miracle.

Our family met John on a cruise ship and we became friends. Over the next few years, we would phone him in Florida from our home in Oregon. On one of these calls, I spontaneously asked him for a family contact number, explaining that if I ever thought something was wrong at his home, we could make sure he was okay. He then gave us the number of his son in Utah, and we filed it away on our computer.

Several years later, I was talking to John and he was acting “oddly.” He was speaking in sentences that almost made sense, but something seemed off as he jumped from one odd topic to another one. I thought, “Maybe it is my imagination?” so to double check, I phoned him back twenty minutes later. Well, this call was odder than the first one.

I then hung up and phoned his son, a total stranger in Utah. I scrambled to make sense, saying: “Hi. You don’t know me, but I was talking to your father in Florida and he did not make sense. Do you know any of his neighbors who can check on him?”

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First, he aggressively asked who I was and how I had his private cell number. He was assuming that this was a spam call, but he changed his tune when he realized the call was legitimate. As a hospital director, the son knew what to do, and he called his father from his land line… and there was no answer. I told them there should be. He hung up and dialed his father’s Florida area code and then 911. He asked the emergency services to do a welfare check on his father.

Fifteen minutes later, John’s son phoned me in Oregon and he was a totally different man. He thanked me profusely for calling him and said that the medics found his father passed out on the floor of his home. Apparently his father was a new diabetic and he had fallen into a coma.

It was a miracle – meeting John, thinking to ask for a contact number, calling him that very night, and having his only child’s phone number on hand, which inevitably ended up saving John’s life.

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The universe worked hard for all that divine timing to perfectly come together over years and thousands of miles!

Note: Apparently you can dial any area code and add 911 to emergency services to check on loved ones. Good to know!

Mary Ellen “Angel Scribe” lives a life of miracles and is author of “A Christmas Filled With Miracles: Inspiring Stories for the Magic of the Seasons.” An international pet columnist. Her swimming cats were featured on Animal Planet’s Must Love Cats and Anderson Cooper. Find more heart warming, inspirational miracle stories on her website and Facebook pages: Angel Scribe and Pet Tips and Tales. 

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