These two female engineers are stopping at nothing until they literally rebuild their city straight from the ashes.

Since Gaza has endured three wars in six years, Majd Mashharawi has watched her home city crumble in Palestine.

Majd, who works as a civil engineer, started thinking about ways that she could efficiently rebuild the city despite the obvious lack of materials.

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That’s when her and her friend Rawan Abdullatif created Greencake; an environmentally friendly, low-cost, heat-resistant, sound-proof brick made out of the very ashes recycled from Gaza’s debris.

With Gaza reportedly producing 60 million tons of ash per year, they have more than enough materials to meet the daily demand for building blocks.

The civil engineers are currently raising money via an Indiegogo page to start a small production line in the city and rebuild the houses that were destroyed over the course of the last ten years under siege.

(WATCH the video below)


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