For the first time in a 273-year history, the world’s oldest golfing club will finally allow women to become members.

According to a post on – after the issue failed to pass by a narrow margin during a vote in May 2016, members of the Honourable Company of Edinburgh Golfers voiced their disappointment at barring women from becoming members at the club and playing at the Muirfield Golf Club in Scotland.

The issue was introduced for a vote once more on Tuesday with 621 members present. This time, however, the decision to allow female members was passed with 498 votes in favor, resulting in an 80% majority.

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While golfing clubs have long held out as only male-dominated spaces, certain organizations have amended the patriarchal rules in recent years to become more modern and women-inclusive. The Muirfield Golf Club had become one of the only spaces left that did not allow female members.

“The Ladies European Tour is extremely pleased to hear that the Honourable Company of Edinburgh Golfers has voted to include female members and will begin to restore the reputation of the club following the disappointing ballot result last May,” said Ivan Khodabakhsh, the Ladies European Tour’s Chief Executive Officer.

Sports reflect the values of the society in which we live and today men and women have equal rights. We believe this should be reflected not only in top level international tournaments but also at club level.”

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