As a new grandmother, Abigail Lowe wanted to be around for her growing family but knew her health was on the decline given her sedentary lifestyle and 238 pound frame.

She took action in 2006 and after gastric bypass surgery lost a hundred pounds. She has been able to maintain a healthy weight of 160 pounds for more than two years.

before_and_after_weight_loss-Abigail-LoweHer own daughter, inspired by Lowe’s success was motivated to also undergo weight loss surgery last September. She’s lost 146 pounds so far and now eats so much healthier.

“Coming from 343 pounds I feel like a whole new woman,” said Maile Daly, a mom of three.

Because they live an ocean apart, the TODAY show surprised the mom, who hasn’t seen her daughter since the surgery. As a Mother’s Day gift, they brought out the now-healthy daughter in a sweet reunion moment. The also gave the pair new clothes to fit their new sizes.

(WATCH the video below or READ the story at TODAY)


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