Emirati women strive for equal rights for travelFrom the moment Tawakul Karmen took off her veil in front of television cameras five years ago, she has been a force of change in Yemen. And now the activist has been recognized around the world with a Nobel Peace Prize. Meet the woman who started the entire peaceful protest movement in the Arab world.

Protesters in Change Square, the main grounds of the Yemen revolution, rejoiced as news that their lady hero Tawakul Karman was chosen as one of this year’s Nobel Peace Prize winners. Cheers filled the air.

Starting in 2008, every Tuesday Tawakul Karman led protests in the square in front of the cabinet building. In a way it would be fair to say that it was she who started the concept of peaceful protests in the Muslim world way before the Arab Spring.

(READ the story in the Daily Beast)


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