billiards-sign.jpgA Letter to the Editor in the UK caught my eye as it called for more encouragement of young people, even if their talents required frequent trips to the pub. Commented on the exploits of a young pool player he wrote, “It looks like the young lad has a talent for the game, and enjoys playing as much as possible.”

“Similar to the way a talented footballer would enjoy his soccer. It is natural then that his parents would like to see him progress as far as possible. However, you do not see pool tables on street corners, or in bus shelters. You cannot play pool in Boot’s or Tesco’s…” Being good at something results in the “bit of pride and responsible behavior” we need in young people and adults should not look down upon the skateboarder or pool player with disdain.

I know about this having been a surprisingly good pool player myself and fond of the pub scene where my talents could be displayed! Read the rest of the letter at Market Rasen Mail

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