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Incredible 12yo Inventor Peyton Robertson Will Blow Your Mind

Family Life - Kids

Peyton Robertson inventor with EllenPeyton Robertson has always loved math and science. His parents taught him that whenever he saw a problem, he could invent a solution to fix it.

Recently, the twelve-year-old boy from Fort Lauderdale, Florida was named America's Top Young Scientist for 2013.

Among his impressive inventions is an idea he dreamed up after Superstorm Sandy for redesigning the traditional sandbag. Thes new sandbags provide better flood protection and they don't weigh anything near 40-pounds, like old-fashioned ones stuffed with sand, which makes for easier transporting.

Because they use polymers and salt instead of sand, after the flooding (when the water evaporates) the bags shrink back to their thin-as-air, light-weight size.

The innovative design earned him $25,000 along with the Top Young Scientist award.

WATCH the boy demonstrate three of his creations on the Ellen TV show…

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