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What Cancer Patients Want Most - To Laugh (Help Them do it)

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photo by Sun StarIt's not just an “old adage” that tells us laughter is the best medicine these days. Scientists, doctors, mental health professionals, and patients themselves call humor a remedy for any ailment -- at least temporarily.

Several studies show that humor builds hope, and hope is particularly crucial to people with cancer and other life-threatening diseases.

An acclaimed author and journalist, Lori Hope, utilized a very personal challenge -- her own cancer diagnosis -- to create a practical guide for people who want to comfort and support a friend with cancer, but don't know what to say. After extensive interviews, she wrote a book, 20 Things People with Cancer Want You to Know.

She says the #1 statement that people with cancer want others to know in a recent survey of more than 600 survivors is, “I need to laugh – or just forget about cancer for a while.”

As a result, Lori is putting together a webpage to help cancer patients giggle, laugh, chuckle, and chortle.

And, this is where you come in...

She's started compiling a humor resource list and needs our help. Will you please contribute your best ideas to the list of funny movies, links to videos or cartoon, and jokes -- all designed to help people "laugh or forget for a while".

Check out the page at and leave your favorites at the bottom of the page with your suggestions in the comments section:


#1 Gisele 2011-10-17 19:42
So true! The power of laughter is present even when people are in a terminal state,believe it or not - I have seen it many times as a nurse.

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