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Gold and Diamonds Dropped Into Salvation Army Kettles

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the salvation armyOver the past three decades, gold and silver coins have turned up during the holidays in the Salvation Army’s red kettles in at least 10 states, including Illinois, Colorado, Texas and Florida.

While some people drop a few dollars into The Salvation Army’s iconic red kettles at this time of year, others emerge and discreetly share diamond rings, real silver and rare gold coins — and many choose to do so anonymously.

So far this year, a diamond ring wrapped up in a dollar bill and valued at $5,000 was left by an anonymous donor in Spokane, Wash. and in Bloomington, Ill. a serial giver has left another gold coin in a habit lasting 20 years.

Also in Spokane, a silver coin wrapped inside a note that read: “I’ve saved this ounce of silver for twenty years, I’m unemployed for 13 months, my house is in foreclosure, I’m filing for bankruptcy and at 61 my retirement is shot but I still know there are families in worse shape.” (The coin’s estimated value is $30. Salvation Army officials stressed how much they cherish both the donation and its message.)

(WATCH the video below, or read more of the story at MSNBC)


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