From Homeless to the Super Bowl: Green Bay Packer James Jones' Inspiring Story

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James Jones by Joel Rivlin -CC licenseGreen Bay Packers wide receiver James Jones is on his way to a starring role in the Super Bowl, but his road to success led through homeless shelters from the time he was born until his freshman year in high school. Now he is helping other kids find their roads to success.

"Both of James's parents were addicted to drugs, but the loyal son refused to leave his mom's side for years."

Jones eventually moved in with his grandmother during high school where his athletic performance earned him a scholarship to San Jose University.

His wife, Tamika, describes him as "a humble guy who loves to laugh", whose past informs his generous spirit in the present.

Along with his wife, he helps children in need through his Love Jones 4 Kids Foundation, which helps 7-to-14 year olds in both Green Bay and San Jose, California.

"I go back to these homeless shelters and talk to these kids, and let them know that it is not your mother's fault, and better days are ahead."

WATCH the video below, or read the story from Milwaukee's WTMJ)

Photo by Joel Rivlin -CC license

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