widower-tears-up-FB-KFYRvidHarold Krueger’s wife was planning a 90th birthday party for her husband on February 21, but passed away a month before the big day.

The World War II veteran, who lives in the tiny town of Wishek, North Dakota, was having a hard time with the loss because the couple’s relationship of 63 years had been so close.

Now, hundreds of strangers from around the country are providing happy relief and a new activity, since Harold’s daughter asked her friends on Facebook to send birthday cards.

The Facebook post was shared more than 650 times and resulted in more than 1,000 letters and cards arriving from 48 states, dozens at a time, every morning.

“It’s fun to read what the little kids say,” he said, referring to large envelopes sent by teachers containing letters from children. “‘Cause what they say is from the heart.”

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