This businessman may only be 15 years old, but he has become an icon of industry at his school.

Nathan John-Baptiste is a London student who made a living for himself by selling candy and soda out of the boy’s bathroom at his school. What started as a project that made him a quick buck on the side turned into a fully-fledged business that spanned across three schools.

The “Wolf of Walthamstow”, as he is fondly called, sold all of his products to his peers at a discounted rate. A candy bar that would normally cost roughly a dollar was sold for half the price at Nathan’s “store”: the Walking Talking Shop.

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Nathan would publish a menu of the sweets and their respective prices on Snapchat every day. Then, after taking orders from students, he would sell the goods during the lunch hour.

By recruiting eleven of his friends as “employees”, Nathan started raking in $300 per day – roughly $56,000 per year. Though the Wolf is young, he has mature tastes: Nathan has reportedly treated himself to dozens of fitted suits and fancy dinners out on the town.

Unfortunately, the school caught wind of his business and told him to shut down the operation. Rather than mourning the loss of his income, Nathan says that he already has several thousand dollars stashed away for his next venture.

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“I can’t sell sweets for the rest of my life,” he told the Daily Mail. “I would like to become a stock broker – that’s one place where I want to put my money – and in property, 100 per cent. The plan is to become a millionaire. It’s just about the hard work.”

While Nathan’s mother is extremely proud of her son’s entrepreneurial spirit, she says that she is mostly just happy that he’s not using that drive to sell drugs instead.

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