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Over the weekend, an incredible 5,277 shelter pets found homes in a multi-state adoption event orchestrated by Maddie’s Fund, named for a cherished miniature schnauzer.

With it’s endowment of $300 million, the organization’s mission is to turn America into a “No-Kill Nation,” with one of its key events being the May 29-31 Pet Adoption Days. The unique catalyst sparking the adoptions is the promise of free grants to shelters for every animal that they can place. Grants ranging from $200 – $2,500 per animal helped incentivize adoption by covering the fee for prospective pet parents.

For pets who are harder to place, these adoption weekends can mean the difference between life and death.Fospice Senior Dog Permission Photo by Samantha Cheirif

“Fospice” Gives Terminally Ill Shelter Dogs Chance at a Happy Ending

“Senior pets and those with critical medical conditions, like those with diabetes or who have lost an eye or a limb, don’t get adopted as quickly,” said Sharon Fletcher, a spokesperson for Maddie’s Fund. “I just got off a call with someone who told me two of their pets who’d been there 6 months and a year finally got adopted last weekend.”

Co-founder David Duffield created the foundation in honor of his miniature schnauzer, Maddie, who offered him comfort while he built his now successful software business, Workday. Maddie’s legacy now lives on through the 31,000 companion animals around the country who have found homes thanks to her namesake nonprofit.

Maddie the schnauzer Maddies Fund Submitted
Maddie (photos courtesy of Maddie’s Fund)

“David loved that little dog so much, he wanted to give other people the opportunity to see what joy a companion animal can bring,” Fletcher told Good News Network. “When he got down on the floor and played with Maddie, he wasn’t stressed out about anything.”

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Maddie’s fund also produces webcasts and educational programs within the organization, which are free to the public. The educational arm of the organization also invests in case studies, like how to most effectively raise awareness for adoption of harder to place pets.

Maddie’s Fund partners closely with the Humane Society of the United States and the Shelter Pet Project, among countless others. This year’s participating states included Nevada, Wisconsin, and six counties in California.

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