Ashton Kutcher may be a talented movie and television actor, but he’s also taking worldwide action in a way that not many celebrities do – he’s saving lives.

In 2008, Kutcher started an organization with his ex-wife Demi Moore called Thorn. Thorn’s mission is to eliminate the sex-trafficking and child exploitation over the internet.

Since their debut, the company has identified and rescued over 6,000 trafficking victims and captured 2,000 traffickers.

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The Thorn Task Force is comprised of 20 tech companies that dedicate time and resources to searching the darker corners of the internet for potential danger and fraud. These brands include such big names as Facebook, Google, Twitter, Yahoo!, Snapchat, and Imgur.

“New innovations will always be adopted for both good and evil purposes,” says Jim Pitkow, Chairman of the Thorn Technical Task Force. “At Thorn, we tip the scales in favor of good by stopping exploitation and protecting our children.”

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