Angie Tyma may have celebrated 89 different birthdays, but this one tops them all.

The senior has lived in the same house in Hudson, Florida for the last 35 years—a home purchased by a family friend in Europe after her Angie’s husband had died.

Last month, she was informed that the home she was renting had fallen into foreclosure, due to lack of payments on the mortgage.

Angie – and all of her possessions – were thrown into the streets.

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After the senior took up residence in a Day’s Inn hotel room, the neighbors, seeing her furniture in the streets, became determined to bring her home.

Danielle Calder, who lives a few houses away, bought the property for $167,500 so she could become Angie’s landlord.

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The Floridian was speechless, after being invited back to her old home, by the surprise waiting for her. Neighbors had collected and stored her possessions from the street and repainted the building before returning them home.

(WATCH the video below) – Photo from WFLA-TV Video

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