cafeteria-ladies-USDAA super-sensitive Michigan elementary school student felt really sad when a child in the lunch line in front of him who had to put his tray down because he didn’t have enough money in his account.

After that experience, Cayden Taipalus decided to help raise money for the kids who could use a few extra bucks for their lunch account. He is returning cans to earn the recycling cash, and asking friends to donate.

After just two weeks, he has paid for 295 lunches!

UPDATE: 2 Days Later- Cayden’s online page has raised $15,600 to purchase lunches for thousands of kids in Livingston County.

The school always provides an alternate cold lunch, but Cayden wants his classmates to have equal access to all the choices in the cafeteria.

His mom helped him set up an online fundraiser here:

(WATCH the inspiring video from WXYZ-TV)

Thanks to C. Michael McGinley for submitting the link on our Facebook Page!


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