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Maryland Poised to Become the First State to Ban Polystyrene Food Containers

If approved by the governor, Maryland would become the first state to ban polystyrene products.

Maryland Passes Bill Aimed at Stopping Drug “Price Gouging”

A new piece of legislation aimed at stopping the "unconscionable" spikes in drug pricing has been passed with enthusiastic bipartisan support in Maryland. The bill,...

‘Free Range’ Kids Given the Okay to Roam Free By Maryland Officials

When parents deem it safe for their children to walk to the park alone, that’s good enough for the state of Maryland. This week –...
teens heart goes to friend WJLA

Critically Ill Maryland Teen Gets Classmate’s Heart After Miraculous Match

Although a teen was killed in a hit-and-run crash, his heart is now giving his ailing friend a chance to live. When Kyle Wilkerson heard...
snakehead photo by Wie146, GNU license

Maryland Offering $200 Gift Cards for Each Snakehead Fish Killed

Wildlife officials in Maryland have put a bounty on the invasive snakehead, offering $200 gift cards for Bass Pro Shops as well as other...
photo of home off the grid -

Solar Home Industry Shining in Maryland and Other States

With government help in the form of tax credits and grants, with companies making equipment available through long-term leases, and with prices coming down,...

Muslim Youth in Maryland Join Hands with Jewish Groups

Three Jewish synagogues in Maryland are building bridges between faith communities through volunteerism, joining Muslim youth in renovating the home of a 75 year...

Maryland Graduates Can Stay on Insurance Until Age 25

Now a new Maryland law requires large insurance pools to extend coverage to all dependent students up to the age 25.  Staying under their...

Maryland Adopts Historic Global Warming Law Mandating Pollution Reduction at Power Plants

ANNAPOLIS, Md., March 31 -- In a major victory against global warming, the Maryland General Assembly gave final approval Friday to the strongest power-plant...

Deaf Teen Thanks Flight Attendant for Handwritten Note That ‘Meant the World’ to Her During Her First Flight Alone

A compassionate flight attendant is being praised for her small act of kindness towards an anxious teen who was flying solo for the first time.

This Game Allows You to Plant Trees Around the World Simply By Answering Trivia Questions Correctly

For every 10 questions that a player answers correctly, this environmental nonprofit is able to generate enough money to plant one tree.

Good News in History Sept. 18

170 years ago today, Harriet Tubman fled the plantation where she was enslaved, escaping to freedom in Philadelphia. Traveling at night so she would...

Good News in History, September 3

80 years ago today, the King’s Speech of George VI was broadcast to the people of Britain upon that country’s Declaration of War against...

Good News in History, August 30

110 years ago today, the American paleontologist and geologist Charles Walcott discovered a treasure trove of fossils in the Burgess Shale tucked high in...

After Spending Life in Cage, Rescue Dog is Adopted By Senior Care Home the Day Before She Was to Be Euthanized

This 6-year-old pup now brings joy to the residents of a Maryland nursing home after she was rescued from euthanasia just in the nick of time.

Good News in History, August 9

Happy Birthday to Sam Elliott, who turns 75 today. The actor’s lanky physique, thick handlebar mustache, and deep, resonant West Texas drawl have led...

We May Soon Be Able to Use Ultra-Thin Slice of Wood to Safely Clean and Drink Salt Water

Researchers have successfully used a slice of wood measuring 500 micrometers thick to distill water with 20% more efficiency than regular methods.

After Rural Pizzeria Burnt to the Ground, Dozens of Amish Folks Rallied to Repay Their Kindness

This pizzeria is being lauded as one of the nicest places in America—and based on its long history of paying forward good deeds, it's not hard to see why.

Another Chick-fil-A Worker Turns into Good Samaritan, Going Above and Beyond For WW II Veteran

A Chick-fil-A worker in Maryland went ‘above and beyond’ for a WW II veteran, changing his tire outside in a ‘beautiful’ act of kindness caught on camera.

Americans Say They Owe a Lot to Their Favorite Teachers; And Their Most Enduring Memories Might Make You Cry

2 in 5 Americans say their favorite teacher was the inspiration for their current career – and this poll reveals teachers have done much more than that.