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Population Doubles For One of New Zealand’s Rarest Birds, As 150 Chicks Hatch This Season

The adorable orange-fronted parakeet is making an impressive comeback in New Zealand—doubling its population with an epic hatch in 2019, thanks to trees.

11-Year-old Sends Amusing Bribe to New Zealand Prime Minister Demanding ‘Dragon Research’

An 11-year-old girl named Victoria is determined to do whatever it takes to find a dragon—even it it means bribing the Prime Minister of...

Advocacy of Stunning Lands Pays Off: New Zealand Approves Largest National Park Expansion in History

The borders of this beautiful New Zealand park have been expanded by 158,000 acres (64,000 hectares), making it the largest addition of land to...

As Thank You For Successfully Petitioning Metallica to Play New Zealand, Prime Minister Surprises Fan

Metallica is William Bush's favorite band, but they have not toured in teenager’s home country of New Zealand since he was 5 years old—many years...

New Zealand Becomes First Country to Introduce Paid Leave to Domestic Violence Victims

New Zealand just became the first nation in the world to mandate paid leave for domestic violence victims. Any worker who is subjected to domestic...

Work Less, Accomplish More: New Zealand Firm’s 4-Day Work Week an ‘Unmitigated Success’

Based on metrics that were utilized by outside researchers, this company's 4-day work week was an “unmitigated success”.

New Zealand Has Produced Yet Another Amusing PSA Video On Why You Oughta Visit Their Country

The Kiwis are in an uproar over how they are being left off the map – so their tourism department published an amusing video on why they want you to visit.

New Zealand Has Vowed to Get Every Homeless Citizen Into Warm Housing Before Winter Hits in 4 Weeks

While it may be considered an ambitious goal, the New Zealand government refuses to sit by and let its citizens sleep in the cold without making an effort.

New Zealand Launches Dramatic Ban on All Future Off-Shore Oil Exploration

The New Zealand government has also been quick to reassure concerned parties that the transition is being made so that no jobs will be lost in the transition to a cleaner fuel economy.

Watch New Zealand Dad Do Humorous Imitation of How Fathers Handle Christmas Shopping

You don't have to be a dad to find this guy's impersonation of Christmas shopping-induced panic hilariously relatable.

New Zealand Needs Police Officers– and Their Recruitment Video is Hilariously Compelling

New Zealand wants your help in becoming the safest country in the world – and their recruitment tactics are hilarious.

New Zealand Government Announces Plan to Plant 1 Billion Trees, Get to Zero Emissions

The government of New Zealand has just unveiled an ambitious set of environmental policies that are destined to take an aggressive stance against climate...

Hundreds of Stranded New Zealand Whales Swim Free

In one of New Zealand's largest mass whale beachings, over 240 pilot whales were saved by the coming tide. Since Thursday night, hundreds of the...

Beautiful Posters Announce Plans for Reviving Extinct Species in New Zealand

This New Zealand professor is making every science fiction fan's dreams come true. University of Otago zoologist, Professor Phil Seddon is working with the United Nations...

Cows Trapped by New Zealand Earthquake Are Finally Rescued

These three rescued cows survived the 7.8 magnitude earthquake in New Zealand on Monday thanks to an incredible stroke of luck.

New Zealand Town Builds Underpass for March of the Penguins

This sweet little birds will now be able to safely travel from their nests to the coast without the danger of tourists or traffic.

New Zealand Businessmen to Buy Cruise Ship For the Homeless

With Auckland's rising homelessness problem, a group of New Zealand's businessmen are swimming towards a solution that could house hundreds.

UPDATE: New Zealanders Win Bid to Buy Beach By Crowdfunding; It’s Now Public

They were called “naive” for believing they could rally public support to buy a beach and outbid the real estate tycoons, but in the...

New Zealanders Crowdfund $2Mil to Buy Private Beach for Public Enjoyment

A pair of brothers-in-law, talking politics during a Christmas get-together, hatched a plan to buy a local private beach and turn it into a...

Solar-Powered Retreat in New Zealand Built For Only $75,000

There is a gleaming white artificial tree house floating over Linton, New Zealand. It's called the SkySphere, and its designer, Jono Williams, put it...