An 11-year-old girl named Victoria is determined to do whatever it takes to find a dragon—even it it means bribing the Prime Minister of New Zealand.

According to an amusing Reddit post from Victoria’s older brother, the schoolgirl sent a strongly worded letter to Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern demanding that the government conduct research on the existence of dragons.

Since Victoria is also a fan of the hit sci-fi Netflix series Stranger Things, the youngster also requested that government researchers teach her how to acquire telekinetic abilities so she could use them to help train a dragon of her own.

The sly 11-year-old even included a $5 bill to sweeten the deal.

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Upon receiving several online inquiries about the nature of Victoria’s letter, her brother said: “So it turns out, she wanted the government to make her telekinetic, when they are able, and wanted to find out what they know about dragons—and if they had found any yet, so she could train them.”

“She can’t remember exactly what she said, but from what she told me it was rather strongly implied,” he added.

To the family’s surprise, Ardern responded to Victoria’s letter with a politely-worded note that was printed on her office’s official stationary.

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“We were very interested to hear your suggestions about psychics and dragons, but unfortunately we are not currently doing any work in either of these areas!” wrote the prime minister.

“I am therefore returning your bribe money, and I wish you all the very best in your quest for telekinesis, telepathy and dragons.”

Ardern did, however, add a handwritten note saying: “P.S. I’ll still keep an eye out for those dragons. Do they wear suits??”

True to her word, Ardern returned the $5 bribe with the letter, but Victoria’s brother says that the it will now serve as a priceless reminder for his sister to always pursue her dreams, regardless of how realistic or political they may be.

Received this in the post, turns out my littlest sister (11yo) tried to bribe Jacinda from r/newzealand

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  1. Victoria may be interested to know that where I live in the Carpathian mountains of Transylvania, dragons still exist in caves in remote areas. They often come down to take part in village fetes and festivals, fire breathing for the tourists. Yes they face competition from Draculars, Vampires and other attractions, find Sleeping Beauty, fairies and castles, etc but safe to say Dragons are it.
    Come to Romania.

  2. Come again.
    There are more wolves and bears in Romania than anywhere else in Europe and we all get along fine.
    Next time go to see the Wolf Pack Choir Competition, it’s a howl, and make sure you don’t miss the Teddy Bears Picnic, down in the forest most days. Sandwiches, cakes, ice cream, bear hugs and pure honey are all free. Better not go alone though, there is sometimes a problem with an attractive young lady in a long cloak and a red hood. She has mellowed a lot since becoming a vegetarian though.
    So too the Danube Delta is one of natures wonders of the world.
    Romania is a mysterious and beautiful land, legends, mountains and forests, rushing streams and wildlife, folklore villages and costumes, music. Summers are endless, long and hot, blue skies and the greatest hospitality in the world.
    Good News. Live your life, the world is still a beautiful place.

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