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The Homeless in San Diego Are Getting Jobs Thanks to a 16-Year-old Boy

Thanks to 16-year-old Kevin Barber, an innovative program is paying homeless people to perform jobs for the city so they can get back on their feet.

Poor Family in Mexico Given New Home and New Start From San Diego Group

Today, Rosario’s life changes forever. Today, the mother of six becomes a homeowner. Tonight, she will not sleep on a dirt floor. Today means...

San Diego Airport Is First in World to Be Certified LEED Platinum

San Diego International Airport became the first in the world to be awarded LEED Platinum — the highest environmental certification possible — for its...
solar roof from heliodynamics

San Diego Vaults into Solar Energy and Green Jobs Future

Two of the world’s solar energy leaders have just announced major plans to bring new solar energy technology and green jobs to San Diego....

San Diego’s Highway Helper (Video)

Stuck on a highway with flat tire or overheated engine? You might get some help from Thomas Weller, who patrols the highways to make...

Helpers Pour into Fire-Stricken San Diego

"At least 1,000 volunteers reach out to evacuees and local fire crews get additional backup." (CS Monitor)

Man Donated Hundreds of Thousands of Miles to Strangers, Reuniting Families for the Holidays

And his donation inspired dozens of other frequent fliers to donate their airline miles as well.

Diego’s Got Game: Fertile Giant Tortoise Has Saved His Species From Extinction

This wily reptile is such a ladies man, he has almost single-handedly repopulated an entire island with a species that was facing extinction.

San Francisco Now Recycles An Astonishing 72 Percent of All Trash

Mayor Gavin Newsom announced yesterday that San Francisco has attained a US recycling record by keeping 72% of all recyclable material out...

Hundreds Of San Diegans Help Make E-Waste Event a Success (Video)

Hundreds of San Diegans spent their day saving the environment by dusting off those old computers, printers, and VCRs and bringing them to a...

SeaWorld to End Orca Whale Shows in California (WATCH)

After plunging attendance and a state commission banning captive breeding of Orcas, SeaWorld is stopping its killer whale shows in San Diego.

First Scientifically Confirmed Images in 100 Years: The Awe-Inspiring, Elusive Black Leopard

These breathtaking pictures prove the survival of the ultra-rare black leopard in Africa – and they are some of the first photos to do so in over 100 years.

Father Thanks Stranger for Entertaining His Daughter in the Airport: ‘This is the world I want for her’

These sweet new BBFs are a perfect example of how friendship can go beyond race, age, and politics.

Good News in History, January 5

50 years ago today, the Prague Spring began after a reformist was elected in the Communist party of Czechoslovakia. The liberal-minded Alexander Dubcek started to grant additional rights to the citizens, by loosening restrictions on the media, speech and travel. The Soviet Union finally brought down an iron fist to halt the democratization eight months later, invading the country with a half a million heavily-armed troops. But it wasn’t enough to stop a spirited non-violent resistance mounted throughout the country… (1968)

Wrinkles May Soon Be a Thing of the Past Thanks to New Skin Cell Discovery

Not only could the discovery spell the end of aged skin, it could also serve as a stepping stone to defeating several common diseases and infections.

Businessman Hands Out $1,000 Checks to Every Student and Staffer of Wildfire-Affected California School

The 90-year-old restauranteur walked into Paradise High School earlier this week so he could hand out $1.1 million in checks to the students and staffers.

How a Teen in a Tent Gave Safety and Reassurance to Distraught Woman Lost on the Road

Got A Good News Story Of Your Own? If You Send It To Us, You Might End Up Seeing It On The Website –...

When Street Musician Offers His Earnings to Homeless Vets, He is Stunned By How They Pay It Forward

Adam Kightlinger was just trying to do something kind for some homeless men – but he was surprised by the waves of compassion that resulted from his offer.

Researchers Tried to Curb Opioid Abuse By Sending Letters to the Doctors – and It Made a Difference

These researchers are trying to find practical ways to curb opioid abuse in America – and they recently found success through letters.

Man Once Mocked for Shaving on Public Transit Has Gotten Money, Job Offers, and His Dignity Back

A mean-spirited social media video has turned into an outpouring of support for a homeless man who wanted to look nice for his family.