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Thailand Boldly Plans to Start Banning Most Harmful Plastics As Soon As January 2020

The Asian country is set to ban microbeads, cap seals, and oxo-degradable plastic by the end of this year alone.

It’s Grrrreat: Wild Tiger Populations On the Rise in Thailand

Thailand’s tigers are coming back from the brink — with their numbers nearly tripling here — thanks to heightened protections. An eight-year long “census” tracked...

Humble Ad From Thailand Grabs Internet With its Beautiful Message

The Thai Life Insurance company made a short film for its new website, and posted it on April 7. The video, with the sweet...
New Thai president, Yingluck Shinawatra in campaign poster

Thailand Elects Country’s First Female Prime Minister

Her opponent congratulated Yingluck Shinawatra for winning Thailand's first general election since 2007, an election that many hope will bring an end to years...

Elephants Raise Funds for Haiti and Thailand Red Cross

Mingling good-naturedly among camera-toting tourists in Bangkok, three elephants carried around white baskets painted with red crosses soliciting donations for Haiti earthquake victims. The...
Angelina Jolie photo by UNHCR

Angelina Jolie Visits With Refugees in Thailand (w/ Video)

Hollywood couple Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt visited Myanmar refugees in a Thai camp listening to them describe difficulties faced while living two decades...

Good News in History, December 10

30 years ago today, the first pro-democracy public demonstration occurred in Mongolia spearheaded by mostly young people—the beginning of the end for the 70-year...

Watch People Join Rescue Elephants in the Streets As They Embark on 10-Hour Walk to Their New Home

Dozens of pedestrians joined these rescue elephants in the streets as the pachyderms were guided to their new home 12 miles away.

Oil Rig Workers Come to the Rescue of Exhausted Dog Found Swimming 135 Miles From Shore

This exhausted pup was miraculously saved after oil rig workers spotted her paddling in the ocean 135 miles from the shore.

Supermarket Praised for Replacing Plastic Produce Packaging With Banana Leaves

Rather than using wasteful single-use plastic, this supermarket branch has started packaging up their produce with banana leaves.

Good News in History, February 24

On this day 70 years ago, Merrill's Marauders began their 1,000-mile journey through Japanese occupied Burma during World War II. A total of 2,750...

Good News in History, February 4

225 years ago today, the first elected Assembly abolished slavery in France and throughout French territory in all the colonies. The law came forth during the...

When Marathon Runner Spots Abandoned Puppy on the Road, She Carries Him 19 Miles to the Finish Line

It was not easy to carry a puppy for 19 miles of a marathon, but this woman said she could not bear to leave him on the road.

When Concerts Turned Meaningless, Pianist Finds Fulfillment Playing Music for Blind Elephants

After playing Beethoven for the old rescued pachyderms, Paul Barton found they actually really liked listening to music, and he loved playing for them.

Celebrations Erupt After Dramatic Rescue of 12 Boys From Submerged Cave 2 Miles Deep

Over the course of the last 18 days, the world has been holding its breath over this rescue mission – but as of today, there is finally a happy ending.

HIV Vaccine Inspires Hope After ‘Promising’ Results in Human Trials

The treatment was shown to evoke an anti-HIV immune response in all of the healthy patients who received the treatment.

Watch Persistent Elephant Stop at Nothing to Summon Busy Caretaker to Get a Lullaby For Her Baby

If you woke up on the wrong side of the bed this morning, then this clip of a caretaker lulling her elephant friends to sleep is sure to melt your heart.

Watch This Policeman Calm a Knife-wielding Assailant With a Hug

Most people who are confronted by a knife-wielding stranger aren't able to keep their cool – but Officer Anirut Malee has become the definition...

Renewable Energy Now Employs Almost 10M People Worldwide

Renewable energy isn't just good for the environment – it's good for the worldwide workforce, too. A new report published earlier this week by the...

Secret Tiger Breeding Ground Equals Hope For Nearly-Extinct Species

A newly-discovered breeding ground located deep in the jungles of Thailand has revived hope for conservationists working to protect the critically endangered Indochinese tiger. While most...