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Church Raises $100K Through Month-Long Fast So They Can Pay Off Student Debt for 34 Grads

Thanks to the efforts of a Virginia church, dozens of graduating students are finishing their  college education with zero debt or outstanding tuition. For the...

App That Rounds Payments to Nearest Dollar Helps Users Pay Off $1 Million in Student Debt

The innovative service can knock off up to 6 years of a student's repayment term and $14,000 worth of interest costs.

Obama Forgives Student Debt for 400K Permanently Disabled Americans

Nearly 400,000 Americans are about to get some debt relief on student loans they can’t afford to pay off because they’ve become permanently disabled. The...

Her Student Debt Was Paid in Full After A Bank Heard Her Family Story

After a former college student shared her heartbreaking family story on CNN last month, her student loans totaling $54,000 were completely wiped off the...

Natural Light Beer Wants to Apologize for the Hangovers by Paying Off Millions in Student Loan Debt

Dozens of college grads are being given the chance to finish school with a clean slate thanks to one of their favorite beers.

$150 Million in Debt to Be Forgiven for US Students Left Jilted by Shady Schools

Over 15,000 students have been left high and dry by shady for-profit schools since 2013 – but now, the Department of Education is canceling their debt.

Howard Grad Helps Unknowing Students Secure $35 Million in Funding, Reducing Their College Debt

Since its inception in 2006, Jessica Johnson’s nonprofit has helped students secure more than $35 million in private funding sources, reducing their debt by $14,000 each.

Man Gives $25Mil to Ease Debt for Students of Social Work: ‘They’re Heroes’

Steve Hicks, a telecommunications pioneer and University of Texas Regent, has donated what might be the largest ever gift in higher education toward the...

Nicki Minaj Pays Off College Debt for Dozens of Students

Nicki Minaj isn't just a talented hip hop artist – she's also a fan of hardworking students. On Saturday night, Minaj was tweeting about a...

8-Year-old Helps Pay Off Students’ School Lunch Debt

A super-sensitive Michigan elementary school student felt really sad when a child in the lunch line in front of him who had to put...

Thanks to Journalistic Investigation, Thousands of Teachers Will Be Relieved of Their Debt

For years, hardworking American teachers have fallen pray to a convoluted federal program that resulted in thousands of dollars worth of grants being converted...

Want to Pay Off Your Student Loans? If You Move to Maine, the State Will Pay Part of Them for You

As a means of drawing in more young minds to their workforce, the state of Maine is offering to pay off student loan debt for struggling grads.

Top School of Medicine is Now Paying Tuition for All of Its Med Students

The NYU School of Medicine just announced that it is offering full-tuition scholarships to all current and future students in its MD degree program...

Answering Trivia Questions With This App Can Pay Off Other People’s Student Loans

Now you can use your trivia talent to crowdfund other people's student loans and mortgage debt from your phone for free – and you can get paid to do it.

Student Wakes From Nap to Find That Stranger Had Overheard Her Financial Difficulties and Left a Gift

After calling her mom and discussing her financial problems, the 23-year-old awoke from a nap to find that a stranger had overheard her conversation and decided to help.

Little Girl Uses Her Lemonade Stand to Pay Down Other Kids’ School Lunch Debt

When life gives you lemons, make lemonade; and then use that lemonade to help less fortunate children in your community. That is what Amiah Van...

How a Spontaneous Radio Interview Changed Poor Blind Student’s Life

This 21-year-old blind college student had already been through countless hardships when she went to the Radio City 91.1 station building last month – and...

John Legend Puts Thousands Towards Seattle School Lunch Debt

Beloved singer and songwriter John Legend has just helped to ensure that Seattle students won't go hungry while at school. His quiet contribution of $5,000...

Canadian Company Will Make Student Loan Payments for New Hires

With graduation in full swing, many young adults are getting ready to head into the ‘real’ world to seek out jobs that can help...
Derek Jeter warms up - photo by OneTwo1- GNU

Yankees Fan’s Generosity Is Returned, With $50,000 to Ease His Debt

A week ago, Christian Lopez had a job, but significant student loan debt. Then fate (he retrieved Derek Jeter’s 3,000th hit) and choice (he...