waitress 2 tipped 500 dollarsRemember Aaron’s Last Wish, the video showing his family giving a waitress five hundred dollars, as a last remembrance of their brother?

Well, that cash was raised online from friends and family to fulfill Aaron’s request to leave an “awesome tip… like $500” for pizza.

Yesterday NPR reported that three weeks later, the family has collected $50,000 and three more lucky servers have been surprised with $500 gratuities. “The Collins family members are posting videos as they spread the good cheer.”

They posted two more videos on their website (aaroncollins.org), shot in Lexington, Kentucky eateries, showing the two waitresses and their utter shock and joy. One of the young women couldn’t stop crying. For the fourth video they traveled to Florence, Kentucky. Their server, Stephanie had been in a minor accident in July and was not able to work the previous week. With her rent due, this money came at the perfect time.

Seth Collins said the family has raised enough money to gift 100 servers with $500 each and plans to give one-per-week.

(WATCH the video below from LEX-18 News)

Thanks to Julia Frerichs for sending the link!

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